yeah that's fair, it's not "locked" so it's nothing like what ethereum will do with their attestor nodes (locked for 4 months)

but at that point I had just found out there were more than 1 bitcoin, and it's called ethereum

or that somebody something somthing declared Bitcoin and Ethereum to not be securities ;)

Any possibility of a lady getting an ethereum loan from anyone for about a month

Because average joe uses Visa. Easy to use, responsive, not secure, and when Joe wakes up after a drunken bender he just calls and charges it back. 😉

Fair comment, but we gotta ask ourselves, are we workjng towards mass adoption, or do we want to remain an underground secret society? All the ongoing work on BTC and Ethereum points to an eagerness towards mainstream acceptance. So we've gotta cater to the average Joe

Seems like most projects, like Ethereum Classic and others, are talking sidechains. What will differentiate Horizen from the rest of the pack? Besides a cool looking logo ;)

Anyone thinks here sidechains may push adoption to a new level and create growth similar to “Ethereum effect” in 2017?

More info regarding that more down the road. We created the woocomerce plugin V1. And yes we have more currency paying options. We have Digibyte , Ethereum Classic , Ethereum , UTRUST , Bitcoin at the moment. More will be added.

https://dailyhodl. com/2018/10/29/fidelity-reveals-crypto-strategy-plus-bitcoin-ethereum-ripple-and-xrp-eos-stellar-iota-cardano-crypto-news-alert/

He wrote a book called "Mastering Ethereum"...

I saw in an interview that originally Andreas questioned Vitalic as to why he was created a new chain for Ethereum instead of building it on Bitcoin, but now I think he's accepted it. He certainly doesn't praise "alt-coins" openly like Roger does.

Hey guys, Dragonchain is having a community vote on what projects they should provide interchain capabilities for. This entails interoperability with the likes of Hyperledger technology, Ethereum, Neo and others.We should cast our votes in favour of ZEN!

MakerDAO is unique among the top Ethereum dApps since it is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). There are currently 870 users per day on MakerDAO despite a market cap of $322 million, yielding a market cap per user of $370,000. This suggests that investment and speculation are driving the market cap of Maker, and not the actual use.

Dean Jaman

Sincerly i dont know why .. probably most of the developer are going to use other project then ethereum.. and most of the people engaged in crypto are not using daap ..

@finpunk or @RowanStone HoriZen having the 3 P's of crypto1. Public;2. Permission less; and3. Proof of workI'm wondering whether it's possible to roll back transactions like Ethereum did which lead to the ETC fork?

If you have ethereum , I’d advice you sell

Ethereum and other coins also have halving or a decrease in miner reward oh damn.. Is there any project that have implemented horizens solutions for 51% attacks?

How should I explain Horizen to a friend ..”Privacy centric Ethereum”? Let me know?

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certainly about 10k more than Bitcoin and 5k more than Ethereum

Dash e Ethereum $1400

Ethereum $1450 now 307

Robert Viglione
very cool @AGNFAB you actually use ZEN and encourage others to do so...we need more of that for sure

Some rambling and thoughts with my broken english: Soon enough Zen will be more adopted. I try to tip with zen if i go to a restaurant etc. But not on a regular basis, it depends on the inviroment cause must people think i am insane talking about internet money. In fact we are ahead of time. Still it's early. The new generation our kids will understand it better. I have created a portfolio for each of my kids. My youngest is 2. She know nothing of coz, but one day she hopefully will think i did something creative when still the majority believed in everything our government said. Whatever governments do to us, i try to think the opposite. Media and all that. I am talking about the financial system. My mom which is over 60 said to me i should not continue with cryptocurrency cause she "read" that it will crash to zero and no one is gonna use it. My 14 year old son, he creates hip hop beats that he sell to others. He asks for bitcoin and ethereum when they pay him. My conclusion is. When our kids are older i can see crypto heavily adopted. Not if, just when. Patience and hard work. And dedication. 🙃☮️🤗🎨

As Matic for Ethereum is layer for scalability, can Horizen be a layer for privacy for Ethereum ? If so, are you focus on this sollution for ethereum ?

Agree with Mark Moss, if Horizen can bring privacy on top of Bitcoin or Ethereum it will shoot Zen to mass adoption. Waite till some one will build sidechains on Horizen, not good idea as new projects will choose ethereum becouse of ecosystem.

Ethereum with privacy unlocked sounds pretty much like a death signal to privacy specific coins.

There are lots of these types of things out there on ethereum in particular