You don't want to buy digibyte ?

any one can tell wich is better waves or digibyte

Anyone also rooting for digibytes?

because the current price of zen seems too volatile

that's the comment I most disagree with.... we can appreciate the HOLDING that has been taking place... around the 0.0033 - 0.0040 btc price if you think ZEN volatile... tell me which coin isnt? only dead coins are not Volatile... oh and digibyte

Forks that will occur in June 2018 # fork • BitShares #BTS until June 21st. • DigiByte #DGB on June 26th. • HempCoin #THC until June 30 • ZenCash #ZEN tentatively on June 30 • Bytom #BTM - tentatively June 30 • Metaverse ETP #ETP tentatively on June 30

It's horrible! Why does the team not want to listen to their investors?

They are listening, we just need to be patient. Keeping the zen network secure in the 1st priority. The team plans to revisit DAG blockchain that will scale and increase transaction times by mining multiple blocks at one time. At that time, it is my understanding the zen team hopes to make it possible to mine with asic and GPU miners. Maybe they'll do different algos to allow different types of mining like DigiByte does.

More info regarding that more down the road. We created the woocomerce plugin V1. And yes we have more currency paying options. We have Digibyte , Ethereum Classic , Ethereum , UTRUST , Bitcoin at the moment. More will be added.