What is the main usecase/reason for Supernodes/Secure nodes?Like Supernodes for Sidechains and Securenodes for transaction relay?

Currently Supernodes and Securenodes perform the exact same function, they relay transactions and enforce consensus on the blockchain, however in the future there will be opportunities for supernodes and potentially also securenodes to earn extra ZEN (or maybe even other currencies created on a sidechain) for performing other tasks.

hey guys how cna I test my node certificate?

openssl s_client -connect :9033

tks so much @Johncarlo for the patience (this is arecurrent question), I forgot to add the port...

this will return your cert, the cert chain, and also the status (OK, expired, unable to verify intermediate certificate, + many more)

shall I "toss" the old certificate?from the system?

You will need to point your zen.conf tlscertpath=andtlskeypath= to your unexpired cert as I can see you are using a non-standard SSL

do u know if it is a loaded on start thing or check every request? (do I need to reset the nodes (if kept the same filename)

the SSL cert and key are only loaded by the zend daemon on first launch of the daemon

you will need to restart the zend daemon to pick up the renewed cert

last question does it need to be called *.key, or .crt is fine?

it can be either, I believe, as they are just text files. But why not keep it as key so you can differentiate between the cert and key files

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Hi guys how much r u paying to host..ur secure or super node

Hi guys how much r u paying to host..ur secure or super node

$2.40 USD per month with @sodiomayor for a secure node, flawless service and a nice guy 👍
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Such a nice guy got hacked and lost his Zen.

Watch, share and be careful

Guy lost over 40 zen

Too bad to security isn't relevant your personality

If you are nice or naughty your responsibility

The nice was just because the guy is great as for the other it can happen to anyone.

Has anyone here used bitebtc before

yes, they took my zen, lost my account, and probably used my KYC information to hack other exchanges. Stay away from bitebtc and their followon fake exchange, fedlio

@Horusfeathers, JC, peaStew?

Yes that is the real Rolf

tks! 1st time I saw his post in here (not a complain — he is a dev, I can see his results)!

Rolf Versluis
It's seldom....but I'm here Thiago!

very fair! your fingers belongs to "another" interface! just not expecting :D