If it’s says that it will cost 0,0001


"Amount to keep" is set to 0.29

What else did he expect? Everything except 0.29 is sent from all selected addresses, with a 0.0001 fee

So he should have left this in his wallet?

"Amount to keep" is what stays in the old addresses

The rest is sent to the new address above that

Ok I will have to ask him as he said his wallet is showing that all 2000 is gone.

If that is not the case my bad .

If he wants to move everything, amount to keep should be 0

He doesn’t speak English so I am trying to speak for him 😀

Thanks. I understand. Will check to see what he has in the wallet.

Gosh horizen is in new lows!

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Heard that we are rated as 4th most undervalued asset by FCAS!


Happy to be a part of the community.Is the admin there? I would like to know more about the project .And provide some suggestions for cooperation

I just realised accidentally that you send transactions instantly in sphere by pressing enter.

Would be nice if there would be a prompt before transmitting

Lost In Spring
Would be nice if there would be a prompt before transmitting

Thanks for the feedback. I will send it to the team. We should have a prompt before transmitting.

Horizen Weekly Engineering Update:- Horizen Sidechains: Testing sync between multiple nodes established/stable, reviewing Cross Chain Transfer Protocol- Node Tracker Server 1.3.4 and HorizenJS 2.0: Testing - In progress- Horizen Sidechains Dev Blog Series: New post coming soon!


I have buy orders at 2 dollars, hopefully I can buy some cheap zen

Could the team leverage open sourcing a little of the internal r&d?

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Welcome, Ivan Ivanov!Follow the rules and enjoy your stay~

Can somebody confirm my calculation?Today it is much more profitable to run a Secure Node than a Super Node!

Sell it all for zen...not financial advice, just my opinion 😃

Correct, per ZEN staked, it is more profitable to run securenodes

Weird situation. Isn't it?Hardware and availability requirements are much harder for Super Nodes...Am I missing something?

it's just the market dynamics at play: there are fixed 10% of block reward pools for each category--secure and super nodes--so when there are more/less nodes in that cat sharing the fixed reward, the ROI adjusts