then you wouldn't know ;)

I am happy not to know lol

@Johncarlo not acceptable i will have to update all my nodes.

if you prefer simple, I can share python scripts I use to manage my own addresses

much better for larger amounts of nodes than any GUI wallet

OK my coding can at least work

Rarely a day where we see up even 1%

Hi can you guys help me out with Zen withdraw fee from Arizen?

Any admin online?

Disappointing that on 2 telegram channel and discord no one to help.

Patience my friend

What's the problem?

My friend did a batch withdraw and showed the fee as seen above.

But then when he send was charged way more than that.

He feel like he got scammed.

Well, how much did he send and how much did he receive?

So the fee shown is what?

Why fee is showing 0.0001000 if that’s not what it’s going to be.

it should be but it's most likely a mistake on his end since it's the first time I see someone reporting it

He touched nothing just selected the addresses from which to send and clicked confirm.

He hasn’t touched anything else.

Or post the sent from address. Then I can look at it myself in the explorer

This is how much he got charge

Honestly I would feel just like him that I just got scammed.

He send 2000 zen and got 1998.

That can’t be right

If you're not gonna provide any more info I can understand that you didn't get any help. I don't know how to help. You'll have to wait for someone else.

Provide what more.

You can clearly see how much was send and how much he got on the other end.

I also explain how it was send and which wallet was used.

To be charged 1.16 Zen?

When fee is showing 0.0001

So this days it cost more to send Zen than Bitcoin?

500 + 500 + 500 + 500 + 0.292 = ~20001998.841 + 0.29 + 0.29 + 0.29 + 0.29 = ~2000