26k nodes is impressive

You can see the difficulty by going to one of the block explorers and look at the last found block


Does that imply the security of the network?

With a pow blockchain with 6k be susceptible to attack/compromise?

Matty Bro
Does that imply the security of the network?

It is just the complexity of the task that miners need to solve to create the block (the problematic piece of the puzzle to find). This difficulty will change. It depends on the hashrate of the network (the number of miners who mine off this coin).

Robert Viglione
where'd the idea of zen beig re-orged come from? we've never tried to tamper with history

Technically reorgs happen all the time, generally they are pretty minor though, if you go to any running full node and look at zen-cli getchaintips you will see all the orphan branches. The 51% attack was a reorg by definition, just not one organised by us intentionally. I replied with the BTC example because people like to tout BTC as this immutable chain that has resisted all attempts to change it, but it is utter nonsense, not only are there intentional reorgs in its past, there have also been unintentional ones, as well as periods (even relatively recently) where certain mining pools had > 51% of hash power and only via the very human use of 'peer pressure' as a social contract was the crisis averted (and the pool artifically limited their hash rate)... and lets not even get into the inflation bugs.Of course holding others up as a bad example to improve our standing is not my intention, I am only arguing that these types of flippant arguments ('oooh you had a reorg/51%') from people hide/show ignorance of history and indeed of how our type of blockchain works.

"Our approach to censorship resistance is the systematic decentralisation of every single part of our organisation. At present we have 9000+ Secure (TLS encrypted) Nodes operating all around the world so we're already extremely difficult to censor. We're currently working on a protocol level treasury and governance system to decentralise our funding and decision making processes. We're also actively working on new exchange listings (both CEX & DEX) to help decentralise our liquidity. Then there's our repos, our team and our foundation, The Zen Blockchain Foundation. All aspects of our organisation will be decentralised to ensure that we're here to stay, no matter who wants to shut us down"

Is this all coming to fruition?

except of course we have 25,000+ nodes now :)

so from that perspective we are even more censorship resistant than before

but yes, we're still pushing down the decentralization path. quote I heard the other day that I love "decentralization is a journey, not a destination"

we still have so much further to go, the big stuff on the "horizen" will be a voting system for figuring out how resources get allocated (our Treasury DAO), and then a sidechain for tracking and paying nodes

all this becomes more real as we near sidechain alpha release end-Sep, then we can get working on the key decentralization sidechains

beyond that, there are a bunch of other things we need to decentralize: -number, location, and org of contributors-software clients (we just have zend)-mining hash rate-new coin issuance (maybe linked to ^^)-how software changes are decided on (extending the voting system)-etc etc etc

Great article on measuring decentralization in public blockchains:https://news.earn.com/quantifying-decentralization-e39db233c28e
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Do you have a visualization and simple explanation of what kind of problems horizen side chains resolving, what benefits, tx speed, opportunities. For who you build need to know it, specially after announcement, not all know why they need to create a side chains specially on horizen. Need focus on problem and benefits, no just robust sidechain offering.

Video is good, but before it good to have some simple and killing illustration.

to be clear, though, this is a simple node which is a big breakthrough but isn't yet running a consensus blockchain...that's in dev now for the alpha release

as far as expected performance, we've chosen to run a modified Ouroboros Praus framework

This is just what I was burning to ask about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVT-mUEmLBI

What is Zen's value proposition as it relates to sidechains? Does Zen serve a purpose for sidechains? For example, is a user required to use Zen to launch and run a sidechain.

Sidechains are required to run on ZenNodes, and users will have to pay a small fee to run Sidechains

So yes, value prop for zen is you’ll need it to launch and maintain sidechains

Thanks @finpunk ... I watched the side chain use case video after I asked my question above. I see zen moves between the mainchain and sidechain and zen is used to pay supernodes that support sidechains.Can't wait to see sidechains in action in the future!

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Another secure node bought. Step by step the network grows and becomes more secure.

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I like Crypto Rich, one of his videos got me into Arrr at a few cents. It feels like great things are "boiling". We just need patience. Will check this video out. Tnx.