Anyone from london?

When is our new sphere coming out

Fantastic thanks Rob

some good upgrades to this next Sphere release, Gustavo will talk about them in the Livestream

What time is the livestream? 🤔

I worked a 24h shift. Feel kinda dizzy

Join us next Wednesday 08/07 at 1 PM EST/ 5 PM UTC. We have a few HUGE new updates

Yes, will start in approx 2.5 hours

Join us today at 1 PM EST/5 PM UTC for the Horizen monthly live stream. This month we have updates on Horizen Sidechains, Horizen Developer Environment, ZenTrivia, and more! Bookmark our ZenTrivia page to unlock your chance to win while watching
The monthly live stream is starting in a few minutes! Head over now and chat with other community members and the team while you wait!

Live Q&A guys! Get your questions in

As Matic for Ethereum is layer for scalability, can Horizen be a layer for privacy for Ethereum ? If so, are you focus on this sollution for ethereum ?

$ren is that solution

Horizen is its own blockchain

Horizen is the best blockchain there is.

Nice livestream today. Was a strange feeling to be featured. But very amazing.

It really helped in my art project. Lots of Horizen artwork is now it its making. Lets put Horizen on the map. Once and for all.

Agree with Mark Moss, if Horizen can bring privacy on top of Bitcoin or Ethereum it will shoot Zen to mass adoption. Waite till some one will build sidechains on Horizen, not good idea as new projects will choose ethereum becouse of ecosystem.

09:58 👉
is that why it was re-orged?
Bonne nuit 😴
Horizen is the best blockchain there is.

love the sentiment and how could we NOT mention you? 🙂

Horizen's block chain was not re-orged

There was a double spend attack and the team responded quickly and implemented a 51% attack prevention code

where'd the idea of zen beig re-orged come from? we've never tried to tamper with history

How many secure nodes are too much to have? 😂

I don't want to make Horizen centralized 😂