boom! love it, nice idea

when is fork happening?

you can get zen holding zcl on bittrex right?

bittrex has yet to officially declare support, but we're working closely with them and very likely they will support the HF and distro 1:1 zen

@movrcx is wrapping up some code right now needed for the HF

but they are otherwise on board with supporting

so just keep an eye on it just in case they pull support last minute, but otherwise should be fine

im sure there will be plenty of discussion here... just in case is there an easy to install windows gui wallet?

yes def, we have wallets available already via zclassic...privkeys from your zcl wallet can be imported to zen wallets post-launch

Do zen have a wallet for windows?

It's not official but the wallet listed there works well

This was a good idea

You can color code the admins in discord

Cool discord would be good too

so everyone can see official Zen Team

So the split is may 23rd correct?

And zen coins are will be available that day also?

Is it still at block 100k?

21 mil supply as btc too?

Gotta run guys, chat later