Awesome to have you here!

Really very happy to be there!!!

Horizen sidechains employ a unique synchronization method that allows our sidechain networks to follow the history of our mainchain in a way that it will only extract information related to that particular sidechain. Learn more about our unique sidechain design on our blog

We’ll have to arrange another Stefano trip

He’s only 1/2 a km away :)

Robert Viglione
We’ll have to arrange another Stefano trip

Yeah, for sure Robert, I can’t wait! It was a pleasure meeting you all 🤗

One of my nodes comes up with this error "could not validate the SSL certificate" about 5 times a day...any idea how to solve this?

Thanks for bringing my thoughts around case studies over to Discord. I’m a huge fan.

If we really wanted to get sassy; once they’re completed, we could repurpose them into a live webinar for developers and other interested stakeholders.

If there is a goal to grow an email list, there is no better way to do that than webinar registrations imo.

Maybe devs would be more inclined to provide a legit vs. a burner email anyway. Idk.



Horizen is streamlining communications to our community in a big way! Our monthly live stream will now transition to the Horizen Quarterly Update. Learn more about the transition on our latest blog and join us on October 1st for our first Horizen Quarterly Update!
All Secure and Super Node Servers will be updated on the weekend of September 21/22. Short periods of unavailability of individual tracking servers are possible. Updates include enhanced node connection checking, Cert Exceptions now have a minimum threshold, and much more. Check our blog for details

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Good morning Guys. Is there any easy way to set up a masternode for zen? For newbies:) many thanks

Hi guys. The energy in the Milan office! We have our team from Ukraine working with the Milan team. Together they are wrapping up the final testing for sidechain SDK Alpha. Currently there are no blocking issues. A risk I see is that there are a lot of components yet to be integrated so find/fix cycle may extend a week or so. So impressed with these guys and the level of complex work that is being accomplished. The Horizen sidechain SDK will enable the horizen ecosystem to continue growing in ways we can't even foresee! GO ZEN!

Andrzej Kadlubowski
Good morning Guys. Is there any easy way to set up a masternode for zen? For newbies:) many thanks

Morning 🌞! Here’s our official guide.

The guys are already annoyed at my trigger friendly finger

Rob's on the "moral support" team right?