ZEN = $19.4112 | 0.003370 BTC 24h -5.07% 😫 1h 0.6% 🙃

GRS = $0.3659 | 0.000064 BTC 24h 58.8% 👨 1h -9.06% 😫

XZC = $14.8224 | 0.002573 BTC 24h -4.58% 😶 1h 0.53% 🙃

Alexa order me more GRS and VTC so I can pump and buy more Zen

Anyone looked into other masternode coins?

Some guy on biz was singing the praises of Crave

But he didn't seem to understand the ZEN reward system

I never knew of crave, will do some reading.

Some of these master nodes require lots of coins though. I think Stratis has one too.

Its a fork of pivx and they have a ex-pivx dev onboard

xios is an interesting one, currently in bot hell

Like why did they fork pivx lol

Presstab or seven

What do U think of BAT and sys coin?

i don’t even know who and what to trust anymore

awesome... somewhere we ZEN hodlrs can discuss where to spend our coins. . haha

Lol it’s better to talk here. 👍🏻

I like under the radar ICOs

solid whitepapers, real developers, real solutions

Sorry I just had to say it.

we need to get a real people gold crypto chat

The Real Desperate Crypto Hodlers of Crypto County

I can wait to get past segwit2... I feel a great influx coming to the markets

btc is getting taken over

the honey badger (Bitcoin Cash) is set to gain on both great Segwit wars

do you think btc will ever get taken over??

I think this next fork is going to be a much more serious affair,

so far, we've been playing in the sandpit and most the world has been flinging mud at us. ... now they want to join ... but .. they bring a lot of sand with them

what are you keeping your funds in throughout?

as both chains battle for the miners, we will see crazy fluctuations in price .. with both chains losing value ... you know how slow and costly it is to use BTC to send and receive now right

Yeah i notice confirmations have been slow

flight to safety is Honey Badger (BCH)

and use other cryptos to move around ... ZEN is a darkhorse (where we like it) and at these levels ... I've been loading uo