Основной причиной не внесения изменений является то, что сеть Horizen продолжает получать более надежную защиту, поскольку ASIC начали добычу, хотя Horizen не является лидером категории Equihash. Существуют вторичные причины для приоритизации улучшений Horizen по сравнению с изменением алгоритма, и что если бы изменения алгоритма были сделаны, был бы период времени уязвимости, в то время как майнеры переключались. Кроме того, мы сотрудничаем со многими биржами и интеграциями; Жесткие вилки заставили бы целую цепочку изменений, которые сильно влияют на нашу существующую интеграцию. В настоящее время мы считаем, что изменение такой величины не понадобится. Команда увидела активность людей, которые покупают горнодобывающих компаний ASIC - они, похоже, непосредственно добывают Horizen, а не указывают на хэшхерат в Нишейше. Это можно показать, просмотрев статистику на, которая в настоящее время показывает, что невозможно совершить 51% -ную атаку на Horizen, арендуя hashpower Nicehash - всего около 50% от требуемой мощности атака доступна для аренды.

​​Let's talk about Tokens with NO Users. Forget about dApps with no users. Let's talk about tokens with no users. According to the below data, Only 27 cryptocurrencies had over 400 active addresses today. Yes. 400 users. And the community seems to be in an illusion that we are getting adoption. Point to be noted here that there could be numerous reasons for non-active Tx addresses. For example, Many people leave their crypto on exchanges, stake in Masternodes, Just HODL etc. thus, the following data cannot be fetched here. But still, it's a serious issue which must be actively considered in the discussions across the community. Data: onchainfx

ну будь так любезен) на реддите этой новости тоже нет, как минимум в r/cryptocurrencynews

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Don Crypto | Support | CommunityСегодня в 15:39Statement on Source Code for Sphere by Horizen Horizen is committed to keeping its core technology open to the public.In line with this commitment, Horizen plans to release Sphere by Horizen, its new flagship app, (the “Service”), under an open-source software license. However, in order to ensure the security of the Service during its initial release, Horizen is initially licensing the Service under the following proprietary license. As soon as the Horizen team feels comfortable that the Service is fully-secure, its code will be released under the MIT License, like other Horizen products and services.The Horizen team has extremely high hopes for the Service’s contribution to its ecosystem and it is important for Horizen to protect the Service at this early stage of its development. We hope our community understands this decision and supports us.

640kilobyteСегодня в 17:[email protected] | Support | Infra | UX To make it clear:1) Are developers not sure that the release is safe to use?2) Are you sure that obfuscate code, moreover complying with standard methods, will not greatly interfere with an attacker?3) Who made the decision on non-publication of the code and why didn’t they ask the community about this decision again?4) The basis of cryptocurrency is mutual trust by checking the actions of all participants. Can we trust your private code and on what basis?

ElectricStorm:Dear Users,Recently, we were happy to announce the change in our policies. We gave you the right to decide whether you want to be with us in our Crypto Exchange journey by accepting the changes.Much to our regret, after this step Liqui is no longer able to provide liquidity for the Users left. We also do not see any economic point in providing you with our services.However, we do not want to return to where we were a month ago. Hence, we decided to close all accounts and stop providing our services. It broke our hearts to do that. You will be able to withdraw your Digital Assets through our website within 30 days after this message was sent. If you did not withdraw delisted Digital Assets since we announced changes in our policies, you will also have another 30 days from the date this message is sent. After 30 days we cannot guarantee that we will be maintaining our website. In this case, all withdrawals will be processed through our support until the last user store his assets with us. Note that our Terms of Use will apply until you have your more than zero balance in our wallets. If we do not provide services we cannot store your assets for free, so the fee will apply if you fail to withdraw in accordance with our Terms of Use.We may be back soon. However, that depends on the market which has significantly changed since 2017. We do not know what else to say but say thank you for supporting the cryptocurrency community and your faith in us.We want to finish this message by the phrase of Marianne Williamson - "Every ending is a new beginning. Through the grace of God, we can always start again."Your Liqui Team

ℹ️ Bittrex's top Pump Signals📈 Community buying together📉 Community selling together🐳🐳 Push back all the Crypto Whales Togetherjoin now слышали о планируемых нововведениях? Что думаете?
Ранее Госдума приняла поправки в Гражданский кодекс РФ о цифровых правах. Положения о криптовалютах были исключены из законопроекта, так как сейчас их введение в гражданский оборот является преждевременным.Подробнее на РБК:
Join Rolf Versluis for a live interview with Balkan Tech tomorrow at 9PM CEST/ 3PM EST. Learn more about the Horizen project, cryptocurrency, and more from one of the best in the cryptomining and blockchain spaces.
Are you interested in learning about cryptocurrency and the Horizen project from co-founder, Rolf Versluis? We have his most recent virtual meetup available on our podcast now. Check it out here
Join Regional Lead Levis Caycedo tomorrow for a Horizen meetup in Medellin Colombia from 7-9 PM. Meet new people, learn more about cryptocurrency and our project, and more. Details here
Join us tomorrow for a Horizen meetup in Maracay Venezuela. Meet new people and learn about Horizen and the legal aspect of crypto. Meetup starts at 8:30 AM. Get meetup details here
"The one really big thing I would love to change in the world is the fact that so many people live under so many stupid rules just because these rules exist and they have existed" Rob Viglione's latest interview Crypto Beadles is a must watch
What happened with Privacy - CryptoManion - Medium

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Join us today at Sof's Bar at 6:30 in Paris for our latest meetup. Learn more about Horizen, cryptocurrency, and blockchain over drinks. Get details here

Еше и есть Horizen-branded CoolWallet S в магазине:
Polychain — этот фонд уже достаточно хорошо знаком криптоэнтузиастам, сайт впечатляет минимализмом. Основан в 2016 в Сан-Франциско, инвестиции — только в криптостартапы: Zilliqua, Nucypher, Dfinity, Orchid Protocol, Republic Protocol, Keep, Basis, Spacemesh, Handshake, Terra, Coinflex, Coinbase, Horizon Blockchain Games, Ava Labs, Dharma Labs, Celo, Athonomy (не путать с Atonomi!). Из неудачных инвестиций можно отметить Nervos и Origo. Средний ATH ROI 20x USD, текущий ROI — 1,75x.Источник: | Обзоры ICO проектов от команды аналитиков ©
Сервис Custody от Coinbase рассматривает возможность поддержки Horizen (ZEN), ожидает решения регулятора.ХахахахаАхахахахаХахахахахаха бляяя ахахаха
this is the model we've prototyped, will prob be what we end up implementing: "A Treasury System for Cryptocurrencies:Enabling Better Collaborative Intelligence"